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DuaLens optical design for road biking mode

Providing broad close-range flood light with anti-glare low beam for commuting, no dazzle and glare for oncoming riders and pedestrians

HiLo beam system for mountain biking mode

Providing similar illuminating light of automotive headlight with far reaching high beam and broad flood anti-glare low beam

LED runtime display and mode indicator

Display the remaining runtime of each brightness level instantly in an intuitive way and help to select the ideal brightness level

Wireless remote switch

Turn on/off the light and change brightness levels safely without releasing the grip; single click to activate max output for signaling or emergent lighting

Battery runtime extension with USB-C charging port

Extend the runtime of the battery by connecting with external power source for emergency lighting when the light is in low power, no worry to be left in darkness

Standard USB output port

Used as a power bank to charge other USB-powered digital devices when in emergency

IPX8 water-proof and durable anodized aluminum body

Always be ready for extreme weather and riding situations

Product Features

1. DuaLens optical low beam, providing broad flood light with cut-off line for commuting, no dazzle and glare for oncoming riders and pedestrians

2. Dual LEDs for HiLo beam system, providing illuminating light similar to automotive headlight with far reaching high beam and low beam

3. LED real-time display to show remaining runtime in each brightness level

4. Wireless remote switch with instant max output and brightness adjustment buttons to control the light easily

5. Extending battery runtime with external power source

6. USB output to charge portable digital devices

7. Intelligent memory circuit remembers the last used brightness level and mode when turned on again

8. Quick release design for easily slide in and out

9. Compatible with 31.8mm and 35mm round handlebar

Tech Specifications

LED: 2*high-efficiency white LEDs

Battery: 6000mAh/3.7V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

Dimensions (Headlight): 100mm (L)*48mm (W)*27mm (H)

Weight (Headlight): 214g

Materials: The front and main body is made by aluminum with Mil Type III Hard Coat Anodizing; the rear part and the handlebar mount are made by durable plastic

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

Customer Reviews

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Great light, brighter than I need

This light has been great for my bike path commute, part of which has no lighting whatsoever. I love all the settings; I use the low ones when it is light out and turn it up once it gets dark. I don't even use the "high beam/mountain biking" mode, but it is nice to know it is there. My one complaint is about the mounting- it is too wide for my handlebar and I haven't gotten a good workaround so that it doesn't sag downward.