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Version FR160 (For Garmin)

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1. The FR160 can't be used with Wahoo computers without the QTM01, please select the FR160+QTM01 version for your Wahoo computers.

2. The FR160 is not compatible with Garmin Time Trial/Tri Bar Mount.

3. The FR160 is a BE SEEN light only.

FR160 is a light-weight and easy-to-use daytime visible bike headlight. With the high efficiency COB LEDs (max 160 lumens) and the special design of the eye-catching warning flashing mode, it increases the riders' visibility significantly in daytime riding. The light is compact and compatible with Garmin/Wahoo computer mounts and works with Garmin/Wahoo computers. It is IPX6 heavy rain resistance and designed with type-c charging port.

Daytime visible warning flashing mode

With the special design of flashing pattern, the eye-catching warning flashing mode of FR160 will keep you visible at daytime riding; 3 constant modes and 3 flashing modes for various riding situations.

Wide-angle lens with side visibility

Increase your side visibility when riding through the crossroad.

Simple and versatile

The light can be mounted between Garmin bike mount and computers;

Replaceable parts (Sold Separately) are also available for Wahoo computers; For Wahoo computers and mounts, replace the insert and the mounting tab of the light.

USB-C charging port

Reversible connector to charge the light easily and no need to flip around looking for the correct orientation; built in red charging indicator.

IPX 6 water-resistance design

The light is usable when riding in the rain. (Please make sure the cap of the charging port is securely mounted after charging)

Product Features

1. Highly efficient COB LEDs with max 160 lumens

2. Eye-catching warning flash for daytime riding and multiple brightness levels for various riding environments

3. Compatible with Garmin computers and Garmin bike mounts

4. USB-C charging port to charge the light easily

5. Mode memory function to remember the last used mode

6. IPX6 water-resistance for heavy rain

7. (Sold separately) Insert and mounting tab for Wahoo computers and mounts

Tech Specifications


Battery: 380mAh/3.7V rechargeable Li-polymer battery

Dimensions (Headlight): 75mm (L)*57mm (W)*21mm (H)

Weight (Headlight): 55g

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

Customer Reviews

Based on 553 reviews
Ravemen FR160

Fits seemlessly onto the Garmin mount which gives added reassurance that the mount isn’t obstructing any head light off of the bike

Diseño mejorable

El ángulo de inclinación para poder alumbrarte o no deslumbrar a los que nos vienen de cara, no es el ideal para poder ver correctamente el ciclocomputador. Debería tener una angulación.

Palani Krishnamoorthy
Good device with slight issue

It is a good device and clever idea to mount GPS device onto a light device and make the bike cockpit more sleeker. However, after my first ride, I realised there is a lot of vibration and maybe the developers should have thought of a dampening device. I am going to try and stick some thick paper in-between the 2 devices and see what that feels like.

Roger Saunders

I would prefer the on- off button on the side,as it would be easier when operating.

FR160 front light

The light is bright and has several settings for daylight use (high/medium/low constant light and three flash settings). While not a headlight it does cast a bit of light ahead of my bike at dusk on the constant light setting. The light has a 180 degree visibility which I like. At dusk (or after dark but I try not to ride after dark) it is nice to be able to dim the light on the constant light setting as the flash gets to be distracting illuminating the shifters and handlebar drop.

The light attaches to both my Garmin mount and Wahoo mount just by swapping out the base mount in the light unit. The light is bright and low profile so it does not add a lot of bulk to my Trek Blendr mount and by using the bottom mount on the Blendr the light with the GPS attached sit flush with the handlebar on my bike.

Overall, I like this light much better than my old light which was smaller but not as visible during the day.