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Version FR160 (For Garmin)

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NOTE: The FR160 can't be used with Wahoo computers without the QTM01, please select the FR160+QTM01 version if you're going to use the FR160 with your Wahoo computers.

FR160 is a light-weight and easy-to-use daytime visible bike headlight. With the high efficiency COB LEDs (max 160 lumens) and the special design of the eye-catching warning flashing mode, it increases the riders' visibility significantly in daytime riding. The light is compact and compatible with Garmin/Wahoo computer mounts and works with Garmin/Wahoo computers. It is IPX6 heavy rain resistance and designed with type-c charging port.

Daytime visible warning flashing mode

With the special design of flashing pattern, the eye-catching warning flashing mode of FR160 will keep you visible at daytime riding; 3 constant modes and 3 flashing modes for various riding situations.

Wide-angle lens with side visibility

Increase your side visibility when riding through the crossroad.

Simple and versatile

The light can be mounted between Garmin bike mount and computers;

Replaceable parts (Sold Separately) are also available for Wahoo computers; For Wahoo computers and mounts, replace the insert and the mounting tab of the light.

USB-C charging port

Reversible connector to charge the light easily and no need to flip around looking for the correct orientation; built in red charging indicator.

IPX 6 water-resistance design

The light is usable when riding in the rain. (Please make sure the cap of the charging port is securely mounted after charging)

Product Features

1. Highly efficient COB LEDs with max 160 lumens

2. Eye-catching warning flash for daytime riding and multiple brightness levels for various riding environments

3. Compatible with Garmin computers and Garmin bike mounts

4. USB-C charging port to charge the light easily

5. Mode memory function to remember the last used mode

6. IPX6 water-resistance for heavy rain

7. (Sold separately) Insert and mounting tab for Wahoo computers and mounts

Tech Specifications


Battery: 380mAh/3.7V rechargeable Li-polymer battery

Dimensions (Headlight): 75mm (L)*57mm (W)*21mm (H)

Weight (Headlight): 55g

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

Customer Reviews

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Alex H
Light is great!

The light has been great so far. Not sure you need the Wahoo conversion pack. you can just turn the attachments 90 degrees. I'm sure it works better with the conversion pack but it's not a must have.

Hi Alex, the original mounting tab and insert on the FR160 is for Garmin computers only. QTM01 is a must or if to use the FR160 with the Wahoo computers, the parts would be damaged and it would bring risks to the computer. Please get a QTM01 for the FR160 if you're using it with the Wahoo computers!

Benoit Prescott

super light

Robert Piché

Tout est parfait, le concept, la luminosité excellent produit

The best if you have aero handlebars

The best if you have aero handlebars

Filip Kupilik
Surprisingli Good

I was a little bit low faith about this product, but it is really a great tool to protec ourselfs on the roads. Very good!